Pole Dance Gang is an e-commerce platform offering sophisticated, stylish and refined pole dance merchandise.

Our Story

Pole Dance Gang was founded by Holly who has started pole dancing since late 2018. Pole dancing to me is not merely an activity or a sport, but also a therapy, literally. (FYI, not in the Netflix pole dance movie way.)

I was experiencing my darkest days in 2019, diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I consulted my doctor and I chose not to deal with it with medication. My doctor recommended that I do something active. Pole dance and aerial hoop were the activities I chose. And I was so grateful for the choice I made. Pole dancing gave me strengths when I thought I was broken. Pole dancing teaches me to accept myself, to be confident, to embrace and appreciate myself no matter what. I hope you’ll feel the same empowerment it brings!

This controversial art brings up different topics worth thinking about. Sexuality, feminism, gender, stereotypes etc. are the topics that I constantly think of since I started pole dancing. Pole dancers are not merely dancers. I see you as liberal pioneers who are inclusive and constantly fighting against stigmas in our society. What’s more, the pole dance community is really supportive. My vision is to let these connections between pole dancers also be strengthened outside the pole dance studios regardless of cultural identity, economic background, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, social status, etc. in all corners of the world.

Go find your polemates! That’s the first step of us building the pole community together.

With Pole Dance Gang, we will develop our sense of belonging and embrace together our identity as pole dancers. Be proud of yourself. Appreciate the progress you made on your pole journey. Spark conversations with your polemates. Continue supporting each other on our pole dance journeys.

We are Pole Dance Gang. 



To be the connection between pole dancers in everyday life and to empower pole dancers to be self-confident anytime.


We have started since 2021. We create sophisticated, stylish and refined pole dance merchandise exclusively for pole dancers to bridge the pole dance community outside the studios. We are partnering with manufacturers worldwide to provide irresistible products to our customers. We aim to produce products that

/ create connections between pole dancers  /

/ promote pole dance  /

/ strengthen the community /

/ increase our sense of belonging  /

/ show our love of pole dance to the world  /

We are really excited to welcome you as a customer and to share our passion with you.

We are constantly launching new collections. Pole Dance Gang wants to accompany you on your pole dance journey and to support you and bring you the happy, positive, confident and sexy pole dance vibes. 


Core Values

/ Quality and comfortness /

/ Beautiful designs /

/ Self-confidence /

/ Body positivity /

/ Gender equality /

/ Diversity and inclusiveness /

/ Eco-friendliness /